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The first face mask without elastic bands

Our new facemask with patented attachment technology allows the mask to be easily secured without the need for elastic bands.


The magnetic facemask is ideal for daily use for extended periods of time, allowing the user full freedom to perform their everyday tasks. 

The perfect facemask for daily life!



Exclusive Attachment System

Prolonged use of facemasks can cause discomfort caused by pressure on the ears from elastic bands. Our patented attachment system allows for prolonged use of our facemasks without causing any discomfort.  


Our exclusive system uses small magnets allowing for proper attachment without causing any discomfort thanks to its reduced size.

The facemask adjusts to your face thanks to a system of magnets in its inner lining which connect to other magnets adjusted to the user’s face on the nasal dorsum and chin with facial adhesive strips. The system attaches the mask to the face protecting the user without applying any force or pressure.


Day to day protection

With the Covid-19 pandemic, facemasks have become objects of daily use. The magnetic face mask was created to ensure your comfort and safety.

  • Eliminates pressure from elastic bands

  • Prevents constant readjusting

  • Prevents fogged glasses

  • Allows freedom of movement

  • Good for everyday use

The mask that adapts to your needs

Daily and prolonged use

If you need to wear a face mask for extended periods of time, don’t worry about discomfort from elastic bands. The magnetic facemask combines protection and comfort!

Our attachment system prevents the need for constant readjustment and discomfort caused by elastic bands.


Our magnet attachment system allows you to wear our masks for over 24 hours without any discomfort.

Our facemask can be removed without having to touch your face to maximize the face mask’s effectiveness. 

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Users with glasses

If you wear glasses frequently, whether they are graduated glasses, sunglasses, or goggles, the magnetic facemask is the solution that perfectly adapts to your needs.

By placing the neodymium coated magnets on the bridge of your glasses you can perfectly fit the facemask to any pair of glasses. With this system, the mask stays fixed to the appropriate area in your face.

The magnetic facemask forms a perfect seal with your glasses. Their position directs warm air away from the lenses and keeps your glasses from getting covered in fog.

The magnetic facemask prioritizes protection against disease by avoiding having to touch the mask to remove it. Removing your glasses also removes the facemask that stays attached to them.


Our invention in the media

Over 100 media outlets praise the benefits of the magnetic facemask. Below are some of our interviews.

An Asturian invention for the world

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The magnetic facemask was developed by the Asturian inventor Daniel Alaguero and his wife Marina Aza, native to Avilés (SPAIN).

Once out of quarantine for Covid-19 the inventors saw the inconveniences caused by face masks and dedicated themselves to creating a solution that adapts to your needs to prevent discomfort caused by elastic bands.

After months of testing and research, the result was our innovative magnetic facemask.




The magnetic facemask holds a worldwide patent. The exploitation and commercialization rights are available to your business for purchase or licensing. This is a great opportunity for investors and companies looking for innovative products.


Please contact us for detailed information on obtaining exploitation and distribution rights.


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